Terms & Conditions

The Nitty-gritty

  1. AO Design’s Cost Estimates are subject to the final brief instructions of our clients. Cost Estimates are a costing guide, it must not be understood as a final cost calculation. Sometimes projects evolve on the fly and therefore may increase in scope and incur additional fees. The cost of changes after approval is not included in Cost Estimates.
  2. A website remains a work in progress, in a certain sense it is never finished. A website project cannot continue indefinitely, it is therefore necessary for AO Design to determine in it’s own reasonable discretion when a project brief has been met.
  3. If it is required that a website must support a legacy internet browser version, it must be requested specifically.
  4. A three month warranty, after date of final invoice, is applicable on all websites developed by AO Design. The warranty covers development faults and browser compatibility issues which will be repaired. AO Design does not take responsibility for knock-on effects caused by errors.
  5. Sometimes we make use of third party software and extensions. We cannot guarantee that installed API’s or plugins will continue to function indefinitely.
  6. Author’s corrections are not included in the Cost Estimate. Content for a website must be provided according to the menu structure of the website. Please provide your finalised content in one electronic document.
  7. No portion of the initial payment will be refunded unless written application is made within thirty days after the agreement has been made to contract AO Design for the project.
  8. AO Design’s minimum fee for services rendered is one hour, charged at our hourly rate.
  9. Interim payments may be required with delayed or drawn out projects.
  10. A rejection fee is payable for work done up until the date of rejection.
  11. Unless otherwise arranged, artwork remains the property of AO Design and it, or parts thereof, may not be used for any new purpose than the given assignment without the approval of AO Design. This does not apply to logos.
  12. The client is solely responsible for the final corrections of artwork intended for print. No work will go to print before it has been approved by the client. Approval may be given verbally, via email or by signing off a printed sample.
  13. Printing is subject to the conditions that generally apply in the SA Printing Industry i.e. slight colour variations, marginal cropping discrepancies, etc.
  14. These Terms & Conditions may be updated without prior notice.

Please let us know of any questions or concerns.